How has it been a year? How has time gone this quickly? How can I possibly love you more today than September 21, 2013?

I gave Luke our Portland Ace Hotel reservation for his 30th in June, knowing we’d also cross this city off our bucket list for our one year anniversary in September. I think it’s safe to say Portland is my new favorite city in the U.S. (next to Chicago, of course). It’s got it all, and we did most of it. Food trucks, thrifting, cocktails, great food, and a hike up Mt. Hood.

We celebrated our one year anniversary at Le Pigeon, where we both left so stuffed and happy, only to stand in line for Portland’s number 1 attraction, Salt & Straw ice cream. (For the second time mind you)

We had the greatest little getaway, and it makes me so excited knowing it’s just one of many more trips exploring this world we are so blessed to live in. Here’s to many more years of adventures with you, hubs.