Two of our dear friends moved away for Brendan to pursue an exciting, and hard-earned, career as a professor at Texas Tech. During their visit back to Austin, we woke up bright and early for a sweet anniversary session at Brendan's PhD school, University of Texas. It was so nice
The beautiful Catie Hoehner is the second sibling of the Hoehner family; one of my new favorite families. She's baby sister of John, my groom from this wedding last summer. As soon as I heard she was considering markit I shouted 'oo pick me' in the hopes I'd be able to keep worki
Chris and Jordan discovered markit through my most recent bride, Catie, who go married last month. The two are planning to be wed in Jordan's hometown of Tulsa, OK but wanted to get engagement pictures in the city where the currently reside in our sweet Austin. Similar to previou
I love nothing more than when a bride sends me her dress when she finds it. Finds the dress. I love to help and be involved in any way a couple will let me. Timeline, color palettes, whatever helps. I feel that much more connected and giddy for the day when I arrive and give you
When we moved to Austin just over two years ago, one of my first (and fast!) friends became Brittany. At the time, she and Reas were engaged to be married that following July. Once Reas and Luke met, it became clear they were about to both  become two of our closest friends here