November 2 - Cubs win the World Series, and we celebrate with friends. Then we go home....and keep celebrating. December 1 - We take a pregnancy test, see positive, panic and read the instructions to confirm a positive, then quietly crawl into bed and watch Star Wars on the iP
This wedding y'all! Every little moment, person, and detail. I met John and Sarah nearly a year and a half ago at Michael and Holly's wedding and was thrilled when Sarah reached out about their own wedding. I just loved reconnecting with them at their engagement shoot walking aro
Santorini. I've heard from so many it's unlike anywhere else in this world. I had high hopes for this place, and they were somehow exceeded. With every turn, view, hike, meal, and sunset. I truly can't put into words the feeling felt walking to our back patio and that first view
Let me begin this post by saying thank you to my mamma. For making Greece possible, being the greatest partner and friend a girl could ever dream of (I can't wait to see how much I'm like you as a mom), for trying new things every day on this trip, and joining me on this bucketli
Downtown weddings, the best! Loved every single thing about this wedding... I started chatting with Laura nearly a year ago when their wedding was planned for Addison Grove in Austin. After a few months, she and Matt realized it didn't feel right and quickly found a new venue 
Am I the only one that, when the holidays roll around, realize I really don't need anything. Like at all. And my family has felt the same way the past few years. So instead we've done family trips lately. And this year, Sedona, AZ. Hiking, board games, VRBO house, stargazing, goo