Y'all, I really can't get enough of this industry. Sometimes, it's exhausting and so difficult. But more often than not, I work with couple that become friends. Families I'll never forget, bridal parties I want to hang out with at an after party. I have been lucky enough to book
I can't imagine a couple more loving, selfless, and giving. I have known these two (and their families) separately since I was a kid, and knew as soon as I heard they were dating, that it was forever. I shot Kaity's Senior pictures around downtown Chicago what feels like eons ago
Keeping that bucket list checked. Since we live thousands of miles away from family, and since we were spending two weeks in the Midwest for the holidays just a few weeks later, we decided to ditch Thanksgiving and spend it in a rainy, cooler place, Seattle and Vancouver. Vanc
Same as my 2015 post, it doesn't quite feel like the holidays down south. We did get into the 40s here and even felt some frost (yay!) but nothing like my northerners getting inches of snow. I can't freakin wait. Luke and I leave tomorrow for a 2-week stay in Indiana visiting
This was one of those weddings where you think "this is why I shoot weddings, this is why I'm here, the is why I want to use this gift to help others and provide memories to those I love". Jordan reached out to me about a month before their wedding, their photographer was no l