I can’t imagine a couple more loving, selfless, and giving. I have known these two (and their families) separately since I was a kid, and knew as soon as I heard they were dating, that it was forever. I shot Kaity’s Senior pictures around downtown Chicago what feels like eons ago. Back when she was just the most mature 18-year old you’ll ever know. The first time I met Kaity I just figured she was in my grade and I’d somehow never met her before, nope. A mature, old-soul, with a hilarious wit and love for supporting and teaching kids with Autism. She’s something special that girl.

And she married sweet, “little” Justin. The youngest of four, in a family I’ve known almost since I’ve had memories. I grew up playing soccer with his oldest sister, and remember Justin running around also playing soccer, forever “little” in my mind. Justin loves with his whole heart, and loves Kaity to the fullest with that heart. Their hand-written vows spoke of just that. Their wedding touched every single person, myself included. So many tears, so many laughs and personal touches. Right down to the train station reception where Kaity’s grandfather used to work.

To Kaity and Justin, I have confidence in your love for Jesus, each other, and the covenant of marriage. I can’t wait see where life takes you next. Knowing you’ll have the best partner in life to do it alongside! xo


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Ceremony: The History Center | Reception: Baker Street Station | Videographer: Mason Geiger | Caterer: Goeglein Catering | Cake Artist: Purple Mountain Cheesecakes | Photographer: markit photography | Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas | Florist: Olivia Coon | Makeup Artist: Seven Twenty Nine Salon | Hair Stylist: Paige Brigman | Wedding Dress: Alvina Valenta | Wedding Shoes: Vince Camuto | Bridesmaids Dresses: Jenny Yoo | Men’s Tuxes: 1905 Suits | DJ: All Star DJ: Michael Hunsche | Rings: Chapman Jewelers