When we moved to Austin, I knew a piece of me and this business was still in Chicago. It’s where this little business truly took off. Knowing I had Sean and Claire’s Chicagoland wedding in 2016, allowed me to leave with peace knowing I’d be back home again.

It did not, for one second, disappoint. The minute I walked in Claire’s parents’ home, I was greeted with hugs from not only Claire, but her parents. Her bridal party got to know me and my assistant, and even offered us muffins (the way to my heart). This family felt like my family. Warm, close, loving, and fun.

Chicago’s weather brought it’s A-game that day with weather in the 70s and all the sun. We explored Evanston’s greatest backdrops together while singing and snacking in the limo, teared up during the maid of honor’s toast, smiled in awe at her parents surprise choreographed dance, and felt giddy when pulling out her timeless, classic wedding dress.

Thank you for bringing us back to our home, keeping that gentle reminder there of why I adore the midwest, it’s couples, it’s families, and it’s oh so special weddings.

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