Luke and I are in full-blown “we don’t have kids yet so let’s do and see as much as we can while we can” mode. Insert: Luke’s spring break approaching and deciding on a spontaneous trip to New Orleans. Our first time! We found a friend to watch the pup, packed some weekend bags, and hit the road with ONLY our Airbnb booked. So not me! But it ended up being the best…

We had just an incredible time road tripping to and then through Louisiana, with our first stop being at a plantation just outside Baton Rouge, Oak Alley Plantation. The history preserved at this site is just incredible. Slaves quarters and the mansion, all preserved with so much history intact. If you have the chance, I highly recommend this. And thank you to my husband for suggesting the detour.

2016-03-27_0015 2016-03-27_0016 2016-03-27_0017

Upon our arrival to NOLA we were starving, so we stopped at Willa Jean, a new bakery/brunch spot located in the warehouse district, and highly recommended on my all-trusted Thrillist. And it didn’t disappoint. With Intelligentsia served we were able to experience a little of home, a little creole, and an AMAZING desert consisting of warm chocolate chip sea salt cookies, milk, and a dab of extra cookie dough. Yup.

Next up was walking Magazine Street, checking in to our Airbnb, walking the French Quarter, Po’ Boys for dinner, and dancing the night away to the Hot 8 Brass Band at the Howlin’ Wolf.

2016-03-27_0018 2016-03-27_0019 2016-03-27_0020 2016-03-27_0021 2016-03-27_0022

Day two brought more brunch (duh!), The National WWII Museum (another spontaneous item we highly recommend!), milkshake at the Camilla Grill, walking Audubon Park, posting up and reading at Hivolt, pre-dinner drinks at Bar Tonique (Vieux Carre FTW!), dinner at Compere Lapin, and walking Frenchman Street for more live music.

My favorite day.

2016-03-27_0023 2016-03-27_0024

And finally, our 1/2 day three. With beignets at Cafe Du Monde (100% worth it), sitting in half of the mass services at St. Louis Cathedral (oldest cathedral in the U.S.), and mufallettas for the road at Cochon Butcher.

2016-03-27_0025 2016-03-27_0026 2016-03-27_0027 2016-03-27_0028

And here’s me, loving the colored walls and buildings. Taking in all the culture that NOLA offers. We loved every minute of this trip and cheers to many more ahead of us! xo