This was one of those weddings where you think “this is why I shoot weddings, this is why I’m here, the is why I want to use this gift to help others and provide memories to those I love”.

Jordan reached out to me about a month before their wedding, their photographer was no longer able to be there, and he wondered if I was available “by chance”. I was, and it didn’t take much thinking or contemplating before I said, of course I’ll be there.

We met Jordan and Michelle through mutual friends upon our arrival to Austin last year, at a Friendsgiving, so knowing them I knew was going to be just a celebration of love, marriage, and friendships. And it was. They hosted 80 of their closest friends and family, from all over the country, at Bear Creek Retreat to a simple but perfect gathering. It was a dream seeing the two pledge their vows to each other under a beautiful oak tree, followed by a family-style sunset reception with market lights and long tables, Persian food, and tearful toasts.

I can’t wait to see you two continue growing and hope the example you hold as a couple touches so many lives in your future. Love to you, friends!

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Ceremony: Bear Creek Retreat| Reception: Bear Creek Retreat | Coordinator: Rebekah Carey of A&B Creative | Cake Artist: Claire Kinder | Photographer: markit photography | Invitations: Ramona Press | Florist: Family Friend | Makeup Artist: The Bride | Hair Stylist: Hannah Perez  | Wedding Dress: Davids Bridal | Wedding Shoes: Free People | Bridesmaids Dresses: ASOS | Men’s Suits: J.Crew, H&M, ASOS