This being my first blog post since the Cubs have won the World Series, I feel I must begin and document this by saying (and I know Bret and Alexis would agree) “Go Cubs Go!”

Alexis originally reached out to me for their October wedding, stating that she was currently living in Dallas, but that she and her fiance are from Chicago and will be getting married there. So I knew from the start it was a match made in wedding heaven. About 9¬†months before their wedding, we met up for tacos at my favorite place in Austin, Radio. We gave hugs, got to know each other, and talked wedding details. And I left feeling so excited and anxious for the Texas summer to pass, and Chicago’s beautiful fall to arrive.

And it did. And it rained. But it didn’t matter. No one’s spirits were down, everyone was sweet, excited, and encouraging.¬†Alexis was cool and calm as we talked through back up locations, and both of them were just excited to marry each other. No matter the weather. Luckily, the girls got ready at the beautiful Sheraton Grand Hotel, which offered many locations for indoors shots while the rain stopped, and provided us with the perfect locations for Bret and Alexis’ first look.

And the day continued to be just as wonderful, touring Chicago’s greatest backdrops. Covered of course. And ending at one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city, with 360 views that we all took iPhone snaps of, The Mid America Club.

I truly can’t express my gratitude to you both, for your kindness and contagious personalities. I could tell that every single guest at your wedding adored you both and loved being there to support your marriage. xo

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