Our first Texas wedding. *Sigh* Where to begin…

As a photographer, getting any inquiry is exhilarating and still a little humbling each and every time. But, when you receive your first Texas inquiry as a recent Texas transplant, it sends butterflies and hope through your spine. Holly contacted me through WeddingWire requesting more information and I immediately felt that sweet connection (also something you develop over time) we live for. I loved the details she provided me on their story and engagement, and I loved her approach and level of detail already thought through for their wedding day.

For their engagement, she wanted to re-visit the location where Michael proposed as paying tribute to not only their Fort Worth roots, but the memories they now have of the Water Gardens. And that Tejas sunset, man. Can’t get enough.

Holly and I kept in touch leading up to their wedding and gave each other the biggest hugs upon my arrival to her incredible, light-filled bridal suite. And the day only continued on in being pure magic. The mismatched dresses, the guys J.Crew suits, the prayers before the ceremony, communion, that exit “first kiss”, the barn, Holly’s dad placing her Aggie ring on her finger, dancing under confetti, and that sparkler exit.

I truly hope the images below captured even a little snippet of the friendship and love Michael and Holly have for each other, the sweetness and hospitality of their parents, and the closeness and hilarity of their bridal party. It was my first “Aggie” wedding, and the tradition they hold strong to is something I now adore and admire! Hoping for many more Aggie weddings in the near future.

Michael and Holly, I can already tell that I owe so much to you and your trust in this Austin newbie, and I pray that your marriage (and new puppy) is everything you’ve dreamed of. xo

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