These two. Our dear friends and confidants.

I don’t often play favorites with my couples or shoots. I really don’t, actually. Because that’s why I have come to love weddings and capturing love stories. They’re all different. We all have history, baggage, crazy families, bad break ups and the list goes on. But when two people come together, committed, ready to take on the world together and love each other no matter what, that’s something to live for. It’s something I live to capture.

Michael and Viviana have been married six years. And for six years they haven’t truly had the wedding photos they’d hoped for. So we brainstormed a plan, got them dressed up in the same dress and suit from their wedding day, ordered a stunning bouquet from Fleur, got Viviana’s hair did, and relived the memories of their wedding day at the place where you two met. Michael and Viviana were just kids when they met at students at the Art Institute, so we started there and ended at one of my favorite Chicago buildings, the Chicago Board of Trade (Michael’s request).

I’ll probably be doing a shoot like this as some point in our marriage, though I probably won’t fit into my dress! Way to go, Viv.