My first proposal. And boy was I nervous. “What if she sees me!?” “What if I miss the big moment!?”

Instead of all those fears taking over, it was the storm that took over as Brian, Megan and Megan’s sister Becky arrived to the Chicago Botanic Garden. I had been there for about 20 minutes, shoot 100s of photos of flowers I may never use, awaiting their arrival to then secretly follow behind them. Instead, we all gathered in the lobby/cafe area, with Brian and I texting about thoughts/next steps/utter shock this was happening and pretending not to know each other. Hilarious.

About 45 minutes later, Brian and Becky gave me the nod they were headed out to brave the drizzle. So out we went, just us and about five other people. Now, one of the concerns Brian and I talked about was the Botanic Garden being too busy and not having a private space to propose. Well the opposite happened, it was empty, everything was green from the fresh rain, and Brian had endless options of simply stunning locations to now choose from. That just made the challenge of hiding from Megan, but keeping a close enough distance not to miss anything, more present.

Needless to say, he asked her to be his wife, she said yes with the biggest smile, the surprise was captured, and we hung out all together in one of Chicago’s most beautiful locations.