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Coming at ya with another personal post. I’ve had this one on my “to-do” list for oh so long, but finally sat down and made it happen. While I must preface this entire post noting that I am still a tomboy at heart, and terrible at hair and make up, and love neutrals, these products have been ones I’ve found after years of searching and trying and are obviously of personal preference. But, I thought I’d share them incase they help anyone out who’s also been in a slump of finding new things!

Beauty Products

  1. Jo Malone perfume: my first post because it is my new favorite thing. I discovered Joe Malone living in London, and rediscovered it during a random peruse in Nordstrom. After that fun 20-min play with scents, I found my new signature, Early Gray and Cucumber. I can’t get enough and often mix it with Tocca Stella if I’m feeling crazy.
  2. Urban Decay mascara: I don’t invest in make-up (see above for my inability to do it very well) but the two things I do spend a little extra on is mascara and blush, because those are the two things I’m at least wearing.
  3. Pssst dry shampoo: having some form of bangs for the past 8 years has forced me to rely heavily on good dry shampoo and, though this stuff is from the 70s, it totally works for this brunette and doesn’t smell like baby powder.
  4. Verb sea spray: anyone else struggle with seeing no signs of volume in their fine hair? And struggle not knowing how to replicate that killer hair cut? Yep, same. Adding some of this to my roots before blow drying totally helped add messy texture and body to my otherwise lifeless hair.
  5. e.l.f. Precision liquid eye liner: totally affordable and I love the brush! I’ll add this for date night or if life gives me an extra 10 minutes in the morning.
  6. No. 7 Protect & Perfect Serum: I put it on before bed, immediately feel the smoothness and whole-heartedly believe in protecting your skin even at a “young” age. I think I’m on year 4 of using this stuff on the reg.


  1. P.F. Candle Co. candles: I have a recently discovered obsession for good candles. I swear any store or craft festival I attend I’m just picking them up and smelling them. I’ve been burning “Amber and Moss” this week and it’s been all the heart emojis.
  2. Mrs. Meyer’s all-purpose cleaner in lavender: yum, this stuff smells good at night when cleaning off our kitchen countertops. I legit can’t get enough and it’s sold at Target!
  3. NutriBullet: yes, we are light years behind everyone in getting one of these. Gone are the days of spinach chunks in our smoothies.
  4. Magazine subscriptions: my latest being Austin Monthly and Real Simple. They server as both pre-bed reads, go-to city guides, real-life tips, and coffee table books. But for the more hefty and gorgeous prints, see Darling Magazine and Collective Quarterly.
  5. Nate Berkus sheets: our latest and greatest add to our apartment. I kid you not I could now stay in bed all day and look forward to crawling back in each night. They’re so soft, the patterns are amazing (we got microdash) and 300 count for under $50. Can’t beat that.
  6. Bath & Body Works eucalyptus spearmint: I like clean scents, nothing floral or vanilla’y, and this is my absolute jam as a lotion and hand wash for the bathrooms.

There you have it! Hope this provided even one new discovery or a little intrigue. What are some of your favs? Share away and help a sister out.