photo credits by Dave Lapham Photography on our most favorite day.

My babe turns 30 tomorrow. 30. Like, when did this happen? I’m sure he’d agree with me saying it doesn’t seem or feel like we should be getting to this age already.

But we are, and it’s awesome.

With tomorrow’s 30th birthday also comes 30 years of life experience, knowledge, pursuits, trials, and accomplishments. And I for one am so grateful for each of those things, as it’s made you the man you are today. The man I didn’t even realize I needed.

Birthday celebrations are already happening. Because I freakin’ love birthdays, and because I want him to feel extra special. I want the celebration to last past one day, and I want him to know he’s loved. To know that he’s the one I wake up for, work hard for, and want to impress everyday…


The one who takes on the roll of chocolate lover between us, but hates anything tart, and can eat more than I knew was possible. The big kid who stays up late playing video games and who makes the bed because he knows it makes me happy.

The one who refuses to let me carry luggage, even though I’m stubborn and think I’m tough enough to do it. Who can, somehow, rock a killer mustache alongside the cutest dimples you’ve ever seen.

Who loves all of the Fast and Furious movies, and his own “dad jokes”. Who I credit my new love for bourbon to, and is constantly inspiring me to experience new things. To the one who is the definition of James 1:19, prays each morning, and leads our family.

Who is my biggest supporter, late night driver, occasional second shooter, “should I buy this lens” consultant, and encourager. The constant, but gentle push I need to keep going in this journey.

My greatest travel companion, whom I want to see the world alongside.

To my hard working, loving, kind, smart, and wonderful husband, my partner.

Happy birthday.