Hiya! First post on our family excursion… 

Raise your hand if you knew I lived in London for about a year in 2008? No? Well let me tell ya, it was the greatest time of my life. Best thing I could have done. It was right after college, so the perfect time before life [ie: a job] hits. I nannied two of the sweetest little British boys, drove cars, traveled on the weekends, and simply lived life across the pond.

My parents were unable to make it over during my stint there, so we went while my brother was living there! My baby bro, Nick, was working at the C.S. Lewis Foundation in Oxford, England. 

We arrived on Saturday morning and simply walked the city, seeing every site we could squeeze in before watching the Arsenal vs. Hull City final football match. And watching it at a local pub near the Arsenal stadium. Go big right?

Day 2, we took the bus to Oxford to visit and tour C.S. Lewis’ home at The Kilns. Nick gave us the ground tour and we spent the rest of the day walking around, seeing his life, meeting his friends, and attending his church. I haven’t been to Oxford since 2005 and certainly not to C.S. Lewis’ home, so images were captured. Enjoy! Part two coming next!