The year of my own wedding and so much more. Business and client experience development, improved packages, the greatest clients (see below) and truly refining my photography style and approach.

I also think I have 2013 to thank for what looks like markit photography’s busiest upcoming season this year. But more to come on that later.

I thought I’d start off this post with a recap of my 2013 goals and see where I ended up.

  1. Get married to the most incredible man God could have blessed me with. – CHECK!!
  2. Launch the NEW markit photography both in website and brand! – Officially launched April 19, 2013 and I couldn’t be happier with it!
  3. Shoot 6-7 weddings. Since this is my personal wedding year, I want to make sure I’m devoting the same amount of time and focus as I normally do to to my client’s weddings. – Yep! 6 personal and assisted 3. It ended up being one of the best decisions I could have made for time management.
  4. Post monthly recaps as soon as the new site/blog is live – Eh, didn’t complete. Truly didn’t have the time capacity but will more than likely carry this (or something similar into the new year).
  5. Be featured on four weddings blogs – featured on three wedding blogs, I’ll take it!
  6. Shoot at least one family in need  – So frustrated I didn’t accomplish this goal. I gifted the session to a friend with 2 foster children but we never made it happen, totally my fault.
  7. Focus more on shooting what I want to shoot – Check and also something I’m so thrilled to carry into 2014 and beyond. It’s such a great feeling knowing you’re booking people you connect with, and weddings you want to contribute to your portfolio.
  8. Take my camera on more personal events and dates. Semi-yes, see a few here.
  9. Shoot at least one styled shoot – Yep! See the post of our gorgeous June beach wedding-inspired shoot here
  10. Run or workout three times per week – Man, I was working out 4 times/per week pre-wedding. Then took a big ol’ break after the wedding. So maybe it averaged out? 🙂
  11. Read four (non-wedding related) books – Only three, and I’ve actually just started One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp
  12. Compliment at least one stranger every Monday – Sadly, I didn’t do this. Another disappointment. My amazing fiance would encourage me on this and keep me accountable. Some weeks were better than others, but certainly not every Monday.
  13. Drink three bottles of water per day – Some days are better than others, but I’d certainly bet I averaged only two. On to 2014 that goal goes!



I’m going to make this section of goals for the new year short and sweet. Because while it’s turing into our most successful year I need to remained focused on ONE thing.


I’m going to be honest with you here. I have a naturally restless heart. I also have a heart and mind that is constantly comparing myself to others. In all walks of life. But in this case, photography-wise, I must stop comparing my style to others. I must stop being envious of the images that my favorite photographers produce, wondering if I’ll ever get there. Sifting through the latest Southern Weddings magazine wondering why I even bother. Wondering how “johnny photographer” has 1,000 likes on facebook. Wishing I could begin shooting film but knowing I don’t have to time to dedicate and practice. Just STOP Kristi. It’ll get you no where in your business and personal growth. Realize and be thankful of where you are in life, a wife and full time account manager in this beautiful city, and being content with the amount of weddings I can take on. Stay content with where our life is, knowing it’s right where we should be, and and total blessed life at that.  I never want to stop growing or improving my skills as a photographer, but I should never expect it to happen overnight, or consider quitting because “sally photographer” is “way better”. Take the growth in strides, recognize how far this little biz has come, and be excited to continue learning and growing.

Now, with that–do you have one word that summarizes your 2014 goal? I’d love to hear about it and support each other along the way. Happy New Year friends. I couldn’t be more grateful and excited for this year.