The first (and probably only) “coming to you live” blog post I’ve done; shot and posting directly from Zürich!

I’ve been given the incredible oppotunity to travel to my client’s HQ in Switzerland for my full-time job at LoSasso Integrated Marketing to do a couple interviews for write-ups and articles to place in U.S. industry publications, as well as shoot their 65 year anniversary event on Saturday.

I landed at 11 am (4 am Chicago time) on Wednesday and immediately hit the the streets to do some walking and touring. The city is absolutely beautiful, clean, and everyone is super friendly. While I plan on doing a full post on my experiece here (since it’s only begun) I figured I’d post a little teaser. All of the below shots are of various Swiss rooftops, as I found myself constantly looking up, shooting from a worms-eye view.

genießen! [Enjoy!]