When a couple meets you downtown for lunch, sits with you alongside the Chicago River over bbq, wants to know as much about you as you want to know about them, knows you’re moving to another state, and still feels confident enough to ask about contracts and next steps, it’s starts everything off on such a sweet note…

Kimmi and Dima have been the sweetest, kindest couple from day one. From the day we met along the river, chatting about their locations and hopes for their wedding day; describing it as “just a big party” I knew it was a wedding I’d never forget. And it was just that. Their DJ came to party, they had multiple people they love give toasts, had a video made for the wedding, and found the most unique ways to blend both of their background and beliefs having both a rabbi and priest present during the ceremony. It felt like a dream come true for these two.

During their reception, Dima thanked everyone for coming and introduced a new tradition: when you’d like the couple to kiss, you had to hula hoop. YEP. I was laughing throughout the entire reception every time someone picked it up. At one point in the night, separately, Kim and Dima asked both me and my second shooter if we’d eaten dinner and if were enjoying ourselves. And that friends, showcases just the kind of people the are.

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Ceremony: Armour House | Reception: Armour House | Coordinator: Dean Dutko | Caterer: Sodexo | Cake Artist: Deerfield Bakery | Photographer: markit photography | Invitations: Momental Designs | Florist: Ashland Addison | Makeup Artist: Laura Black | Hair Stylist: Livia Caporale  | Wedding Dress: Edens Bridals | Wedding Shoes: BP Nordstrom | Men’s Tuxes: Mens Warehouse | DJ: DJ KGBeat | Rings: Eve J Alfiille Gallery | String Quartet: Beautiful Strings | Spanish Guitarist: David Chiriboga