Talking with Amanda for almost two years about her exciting nuptuals to Andrew made me that much more giddy with excitement and anticpation for their wedding day. Because Andrew has been training in the Air Force, picking a date became tricky. Enter Christmas weekend, fur jackets and Indiana winters by the lake.

Andrew and Amanda have been together since high schoool (9.5 years!) and were more than ready to tie the knot on that beautiful winter day. For a bride to reach out to me roughly two years prior to their wedding, describe to me the joy they’ve felt since dating as teenagers, Andrew’s dedication to the Air Force while she’s finishing up school to be a Pharmacist, their long distance dating, and excitement in bringing their two families together for that special day is the kind of conversations every wedding photographer lives for. The ability to capture that day of anticipation, love, and the connection of two people who care madly for each other. I can’t say enough about the beauty (and tears!) this day brought and simply loved watching these two come together as husband in wife in the hometown where they first met.

I pray that you two continue growing together, push each other, love each other so unconditionally that this magical day is just one of so many to come. Thank you for having us hang out with you for the day and throwing one of the best parties we’ve ever had the pleasure of capturing!