photo credits by Dave Lapham Photography on our most favorite day. My babe turns 30 tomorrow. 30. Like, when did this happen? I’m sure he’d agree with me saying it doesn’t seem or feel like we should be getting to this age already. But we are, and it’s awesome. With tomo
Hiya! First post on our family excursion...  Raise your hand if you knew I lived in London for about a year in 2008? No? Well let me tell ya, it was the greatest time of my life. Best thing I could have done. It was right after college, so the perfect time before life [ie: a
Back from our trip in London and catching up! Expect a few blog posts coming shortly but thank you for your patience while I was away on our family vacation. It was simply amazing, just how I remembered it. Funny thing happened while I was out. Our beach-themed styled shoo
I can't imagine a more beautiful, intentional, genuine, and loving wedding to kick off the season than Bill and Tracy's. Where to begin... I suppose to begin, when Tracy and I had our final details meeting, she told me the wedding was going to be just a big ol' party. That her
I had two days off in between my old [full time] job and my new [full time] job. So my partner in adventure and I took a spontaneous trip to Milwaukee, WI. Cause Double Income No Kids = DINK! One of things thing I love most about Luke is our passion for travel, and trying anyt