Someone pinch me. I can't believe this happened. I received an email last week, when I was (truthfully) feeling pretty insecure about my work and wanting to be "better" or have the time to dedicate myself in networking, growing, and taking on more weddings. See a recent Leap Y
Sarah initially reached out to me in a typical fashion through markit's say hello page. But the note included that her favorite song was by Neko Case so I knew I wanted to meet this girl and fast. We exchanged a few hilariously witty emails and met for coffee to dish about the we
2013 The year of my own wedding and so much more. Business and client experience development, improved packages, the greatest clients (see below) and truly refining my photography style and approach. I also think I have 2013 to thank for what looks like markit photography's b
Hallo! The first (and probably only) "coming to you live" blog post I've done; shot and posting directly from Zürich! I've been given the incredible oppotunity to travel to my client's HQ in Switzerland for my full-time job at LoSasso Integrated Marketing to do a couple int