Brittney and Gary met with me at my local Logan Square Starbucks for a meet and greet to get to know each other. We talked about the two of them, how they met, what they do, their visions for the wedding, and Gary’s upcoming test to get his CPA license (good luck!). We had such a good time together that I knew their engagement shoot would be just as fun.

And it was. Gary made us laugh the entire time, trying to sneak in his sunglasses during the shoot and any given chance he had. The lighting was just perfection for our tour around the Chicago Theatre, State/Lake “L” stop, and the Conrad Hotel rooftop terrace.

They are such an incredible kind, fun, welcoming and loving couple and I am so thrilled to work with them leading up to their wedding and then being there to capture the little moments of their beautiful day next August at Rivers Restaurant!